Didcot (via Winnaway)

Via Winnaway & Harwell Village
Details: 4 miles (6.5km) from Didcot Parkway to Harwell Campus Thomson Entrance.

Popular route especially during dark mornings & dark evenings



Turn right out of Didcot Parkway station then first left after the Ford garage and up Haydon road. At the mini roundabout at the top of Haydon road turn right onto the Broadway and continue straight over the next two mini roundabouts and straight over the roundabout by the Wallingford Arms pub onto the Wantage road.

Follow the road to Harwell village and follow the road through the village (left hand bend at the corner by the pubs). At the end of the village there is a T junction with the main A417 Reading to Wantage road. Turn right and then first left into the Winnaway.

The path is an Asphalt surface path to the left of the main track. Follow the path up to the top of the hill. At this point the main track finishes but the Asphalt path continues at the side of the field.

Follow the path until the junction with the A4185. Turn left onto the road down to Harwell main gate.

CAUTION: On the return journey the right hand turn onto the Winnaway can be a bit trickey because of the amount of traffic and speeds.

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3 thoughts on “Didcot (via Winnaway)”

  1. I’ve just started cycling to Harwell Campus from Didcot, and I noticed that they are doing work on this route, on Winnaway specifically. Is it still possible to cycle down there? Currently I am going across The Holloway which is VERY muddy and slow.

  2. Hi,
    The Winnaway is now closed up to Christmas, it was possible to use it for the past two weeks but work is starting today.
    From Didcot the best way is to use the Sustrans 544 path via Upton village. It is a bit longer but traffic free.

  3. Who do we lobby about bottom of Winnaway?
    It is in bad repair. I find I sometimes skid on gravel or get knocked out of my line due to potholes. Sooner or later someone will have an accident.

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