Didcot (via Main Road)

Via Main Road
Details: 5.5 miles (9km) from Didcot Parkway to Harwell Campus Thomson Entrance.

Not a nice route to cycle as it is mainly on or by main roads.


The A4130 coming out of Didcot towards the A34 has a cycle path which is a good surface, fairly flat, straight with no junctions so is good for speed.

Follow the cycle route through the car park to the right of Didcot Parkway station which leads out to Station Road on the right hand side. Go straight over the next roundabout where the cycle path is on the left hand side. There are no cycle crossing points at the roundabout so crossing over to the left hand side can be a bit tricky.

At the next roundabout go straight over onto the A4130 where the cycle path continues on the left hand side. There is a cycle crossing point at this rounabout on the left exit road. Follow the road until the Milton Interchange on the A34.

CAUTION: Towards the end of the road at the A34 end there are services with garage, fast food etc. This is usually very busy and most motorists are only concerned with getting across the traffic in and out of the services.

There is a cycle path on Milton Interchange. Cyclists will have to cross to the right to access the cycle path in the centre of the interchange and then back again to aim for the far side of the ‘off’ ramp at the South end of the junction. Cycling on the Milton Interchange is not recommended.

On the other side of the Milton Interchange there is a pedestrian / cycle path up to Milton Heights village. At the top of the path turn right and take the second left onto Milton Hill. Follow this road until the T-junction with the A4130. Turn left and continue on the road up to Rowstock roundabout and go straight over on the A4185. Follow the A4185 to Harwell main gate.

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