Wantage & Grove (via Ginge)

Via Icknield Way, Ginge & Lockinge Villages (Sustrans Route 544)
Details: 7 miles (11km) from Town Square to Harwell Campus Thomson Entrance

National cycle route 544 runs from Didcot to Wantage via the Harwell site.


From the town square take Charlton road (A417) out of town until the mini roundabout at Charlton where you take a right hand turn onto Lark Hill.

The route starts on the left a few metres up Lark hill on the left. Follow the path which leads to the road into West Lockinge, then follow to East Lockinge, West Ginge and into East Ginge. Turn right at the T-junction in East Ginge and then turn left onto the farm track. The farm track will be marked clearly as a private road with no access, cycles are allowed down this track as part of the route by permission of the landowner, there is no legal right of way. So it is a good idea to keep the landowner happy and give way to motor and farm vehicles using the track.

At the end of the farm track turn left and continue down the road for about half a mile and then turn right onto the Icknield way which then runs directly to the north of the Harwell site and meets the main road into Harwell (A4185) by the pedestrian / cycle crossing near the Harwell North turn (Curie Ave.).

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Cross Campus Route

Following the redesignation of the Harwell nuclear site and removal of fences there is now a cut through to Fermi Avenue. This is a significant short cut which saves cycling out to the main road and back in again.

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