Oxford (via Abingdon)

Via Sustrans Route 5 & Radley
Details: 8.5 miles (14km) from Bonn Square to Old County Hall (Abingdon)

The route to get to the Harwell site from Oxford is via Abingdon. This page deals with the link from Oxford to Abingdon. Please see the Abingdon route pages to finish the journey.

From Bonn Square go down St. Ebbes Street by the Westgate Centre. Follow the signs and cross Thames Street. Follow the signs the other side and cross the river Thames via the footbridge. Turn left on the opposite bank, then left shortly afterwards into Marlborough Road. At the bottom of Marlborough Road the route goes around the park and then turn right into Lake street. Follow Lake street to the end and turn left to cut through into Vicarage Lane. Follow to the end, turn right and cut through into Wytham Street. Follow Wytham Street to the end and then the route goes through a park to Bertie Place.

Bertie place leads onto the main Abingdon Road, cross over to the other side of the Abingdon Road using the cycle crossings. Follow the Abindgdon Road out od Oxford on the cycle path and turn left at the roundabout with the Southern Bypass (via the cycle path). Keep on the left hand side of the bypass, cross the mill stream and then turn left off the bypass onto a cycle track leading down to the river Thames.

Turn right when at the river bank onto the towpath. Follow the towpath, cross over the mill stream and go under a railway bridge. The other side of the railway bridge the route goes right through a field and then follows along the side of the railway. Follow the path along the railway for about 1.5 miles until the the path meets the Sandford Lane in Kennington. Turn right onto Sandford Lane, go under the railway bridge up to the T-junction and turn left onto Kennington Road towards Radley.

Follow the road into Radley, part way down the road there is a joint cycle / pedestrian path. In Radley the Sustrans route 5 turns left into the village which you can follow but it is quicker to carry on the road around the village. At the next junction, where Sustrans route 5 rejoins the road, bear right towards Abingdon and then turn left into Thrupp Lane (a farm track). Follow Thrupp lane around a series of bends but watch out for HGVs. After the third bend by a works entrance turn left down the side of a gravel pit and turn left around the end of the gravel pit and join the Barton Lane cycle path.

The cycle path enters into Abingdon by the back of the science park . At a junction of cycle paths turn left and go over a bridge across the Abbey stream. Turn right on the other side of the bridge and follow the cycle path around the park. Turn right by the outdoor swimming pools over the Abbey stream bridge and into Abbey close. Follow Abbey close until the first bend where there is a road with the Guildhall on one side and a church on the other where motor traffic is banned. Cycle through this road and cross the main road at the end and the old county hall is infront.

At the old county hall the road at the rear is East St. Helens Street for continuing on Sustrans route 5 to Harwell via Milton village. The road in front is the High Street for the route to Harwell via Draton and Steventon.

Note: There is a good cycle map of Abingdon town, unfortunately it is only available in paper format. A copy can be obtained from Abingdon Town Council at the Abingdon Information Centre, Old Abbey House, Abbey Close or e-mail townclerk@abingdon.gov.uk

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