Wallingford (via Didcot)

Via South Moreton
Details: 6 miles (9.5km) from Town Square to Didcot Parkway

A route to get to the Harwell campus from Wallingford is via Didcot. This page deals with the link from Wallingford to Didcot. Please see the Didcot route pages to finish the journey.

There are three routes to get to Didcot from Wallingford: 1) Via the main road (A4130) which is usually busy and not very cycle friendly. 2) Via Sustrans route 5 which is a quiet route but is not very direct so not much use for commuting. 3) Via South Moreton which uses back roads and is fairly direct, this is the route described on this page.

From the town square follow St. Mary’s street out towards Winterbrook. Turn right into St. John’s road, follow down and turn left at the mini roudabout by the primary school onto Hithercroft road. Follow Hithercroft road to the bypass and go straight over the roundabout continuing on Hithercroft road. Follow the road for a couple of miles to a T – junction, turn right and go under the railway bridge into South Moreton.

After the railway bridge turn right at the next junction and follow the road through the village. At the top of the village you have to bear right and after this turn left at the next junction. Follow this road for about 1.5 miles until the railway bridge. Just before the road rises to go over the railway turn left down the side of the road onto a cycle track. The cycle track follows the railway and will take you into Didcot by the railway bridge at the end of the Broadway.

Turn left where the cycle path joins the main road at the railway bridge, do not go under the bridge. There is no cycle path until you get to the roudabout just a short distance away. At the roundabout there is a choice of routes: At the first exit (left) is the start of the Sustrans route 544 to Wantage via Harwell campus. At the third exit (straight on) follow the Broadway then Wantage road to Harwell village. At the fourth exit (right) follow the cycle path to Didcot Parkway station.

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