Facilites Map RAL

Campus Facilities – RAL (STFC)

Details of the Facilites at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Location STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Facility Cycle Stands
Location Stand Type Capacity Covered
14 x Sheffield 28 Bikes Yes, Under Bridge / Metal shelter
R8 (Courtyard) 5 x Sheffield 10 Bikes Yes, Metal Shelter
R1 (Courtyard) 4 x Sheffield 8 Bikes Yes, Metal Shelter
R12 (West) 7 x Sheffield 14 Bikes Yes, Brick Shelter
R18 4 x Sheffield, 5 x Gutter 13 Bikes Yes, Brick Shelter / Metal Shelter
R25 (West) 4 x Sheffield 8 Bikes Yes, Brick Shelter
R46 (for R25) 4x Sheffield 8 Bikes Yes, Metal Shelter
R58 – Rec. soc. 4x Sheffield 8 Bikes Yes, Metal Shelter
R61 – Library 5x Sheffield 10 Bikes Yes, Under Library
R65/R66 4x Sheffield, 10x Vee 18 Bikes Yes, Metal Shelters
R75 – Reception 3x Sheffield (front), 2x Sheffield (rear) 10 Bikes Front – open, Rear – overhang
R78 8x Sheffield 16 Bikes Yes, Metal Shelters
R79/R89 – Assembly / Computer Building 8x Sheffield 16 Bikes 4 in Open, 4 in Metal Shelter
R85 – Amenity Building 5x Sheffield 10 Bikes Yes, Under Porch
R92 – Research Complex 10x Sheffield 20 Bikes Yes, Shelter
Facility Changing & Showers
Location Details
R85 Amenity Building 6 Male & 4 Female showers and changing rooms. Lockers are available in changing rooms with some full height for clothes drying. Disabled shower also available.
R1 1 Female shower in the toilets near the Central Microstructure Facility and 1 Male shower groundfloor in west of building.
R2 1 Male & 1 Female shower on the groundfloor.
R3 1 Male shower on 3rd floor & 1 Female shower on 2nd floor.
R34 1 Male shower in the toilets at the centre of the building.
R52 2 Unisex showers on the grounfloor.
R55 2 Unisex showers in the main hall.
R75 1 Unisex shower.
R78 1 Male & 1 Female shower.
R79 1 Male & 1 Female shower.
R89 1 Unisex shower on the grounfloor.
R92 2 Unisex showers, one on each floor.


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