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      Anyone know if the section of road, between Ridgeway House and PHE (heading SW), which is currently in the process of breaking up, has been reported?

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      I saw contractors looking at it this morning and I notice that one patch has now been coned off.

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      I raised your concerns earlier Andy, and I’ve just had this message back from Facilities here at PHE …

      “Campus have confirmed that the area has been coned off and they are going to resurface this section of the road.”

      No mention of when, of course, but with luck this repair will be done by Christmas. Hope springs eternal ‘n’ that!

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      Good news, I trust: this (below) has just been forwarded to me from Facilities here at PHE and is from the Harwell Campus team …

      “… Starting on Friday 13th December at 18:00hrs we will be carrying out emergency road repairs to Fermi Avenue, this is on the left hand side of the road from just past the junction to Ridgeway House to just before the entrance to PHE.

      “We will keep one side of the road open and have a traffic light system during the duration of the road repairs and resurfacing.

      “All works will be completed on Sunday 15th December.

      “Best Regards – Dawn”

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers all – H.

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      Thanks. Sounds good.


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