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      Has anyone else found any issues with the new bus stops on Fermi Avenue? This morning there was a bus stopped in the East-bound bus stop with no driver present. As I was approaching travelling West-bound (i.e. towards RAL security) a couple of cars followed by the number 98 bus overtook the stationary bus, forcing me to stop and give way, despite me having priority as they were on my side of the road. When I remonstrated with the bus driver, he pointed at his watch as if having a schedule to keep meant that he could bully his way through. I’m not convinced that the new location of the bus stops is a positive move in terms of safety.

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      Although, I think the idea of the bus stops was to help slow the traffic in general which seems to be working. I do sympathise with you a lot, but in my experience, remonstrating with a driver hardly ever ends well no matter who is right or wrong. Reporting them with camera footage on the other hand….

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      There is a bus turning and waiting area at the end of Fermi Avenue, opposite the entrance to MRC. Buses are supposed to wait there until their scheduled departure time to avoid this situation i.e. blocking the road and this has been working OK. It looks like this particular driver did not know about this procedure.

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