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      Hi All,

      I’m wondering if anyone has noticed an increase in punctures on the Harwell to Wantage route. Over the last couple of months I’m getting one almost every week and I ride in 2-3 times+ each week. I do have new tyres and slime inner tubes, so in theory I should be well covered. This increase in punctures does seem to coincide with the new smooth section and re-gravelling they’ve done recently I think… But it also coincides with my new tyres and tubes, so wondering if anyone else has noticed an increase!


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      I can’t answer your original question (I come from the other direction and haven’t managed to ride in yet).

      BUT in terms of a solution I would suggest giving Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires a go if your bike is dedicated to commuting. Frankly they feel a bit wooden and weigh as much as a small car, BUT are nigh on indestructible.


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      Hi steveyd, I have been cycling the Wantage-Harwell route since the end of June, 2 or 3 times a week, and have not yet had a puncture. The bike I use mainly for the commute has Schwalbe Marathon Touring tyres (these are a lower spec than those mentioned by GravitasLacking).

      Not sure what could be causing your frequent punctures, though I have noticed sharp bits of flint on the route. I found a piece sticking out of my tyre (near the rim) luckily it didn’t get deep enough to reach the inner tube.

      I have noticed some of the pot holes in the track near Ginge have been filled in with loose material, I find this hazardous if not handled with care when cycling over these. I am relatively new to this part of the country – I haven’t seen a bike route like the Wantage – Harwell one. Very calming and nice scenery.

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      Thanks Gravitas and & 3abdu… I do indeed have the Schwalbe Marathons, but not the plus. I’ve not had anything on the front tyre yet but I think it might have been possibly a gash from one of the larger stones used in the most recent re-gravelling. If I have any more I’m going to consider upgrading to some of the heavier duty/more agressive tyres from Schwalbe for the winter -I have a gravel/adventure bike so plenty of clearance. My old MTB never had a puncture for years on this route (at least until puncture alley at the back of Harwell was put in place with those darn flint chips they used for a dressing!).



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      Standard Marathons are pretty tough so that seems weird. What kind of punctures are you getting? Pinch flats or cuts?

      Couple of ideas to bear in mind:
      Are you running sensible tire pressures? e.g. at very least 40PSI
      Is your rim or rim tape damaged, are there are sharp burs in your rims etc?
      Are there pointy things stuck in your tires that are just repeatedly puncturing tubes?

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      I spotted someone selling a pair of Marathon Plus Tours on the Cycling UK Wantage facebook group. (£30).

      They are the knobblier end of the Marathons.

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