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      I recently had cause to report a bad driver running me into the kerb on south drive which is part of National cycle network.

      I reported the incident to the police but don’t hold up much hope that they will action this.

      I also reported the incident to the ‘hows my driving’ website, thinking this was the purpose of this site, I got a reply saying the organisation that owned the vehicle in question, Biffa, was not a member of the scheme so could not help, this would be fair enough if the website had a list of members, which they do not, so I suggest you should not waste your time reporting to, if possible report the incident directly to the company involved, and of course the police on

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      I have been reporting near misses both as cyclist and driver for years – as in incidents where the highway code is not followed and as a result I had to take action to avoid an accident. Always accompanied by video footage. Apart from one occasion when the officer called the offender asking for clarifications, nothing ever happened. I think it makes sense to report to the police in case someone is a serial offender, but for one-offs where there has been no physical contact/damage/injury the police will not bother.

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      For named, company vehicles the power of social media could help.
      A Twitter post mentioning the company name with a hashtag like #baddriving #cyclistsNeedSpace will get attention. Be prepared for the trolls and cyclist-haters to respond. I’m anti-social so don’t tweet!

      Incidents of unsafe driving must be recorded, to strengthen the campaign for a mandatory safe passing distance law (Highway code already states 1.5 m or 5 feet).

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      In response to Dimitris, a friend connected to the police told me that the pice do log all reported incidents. They will build up a profile to assess whether to take action. So while they may not axmct on an isolated incident, they will act on a pattern of incidents. So keep on reporting!

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        Thanks for your replies, however I am left with the uncomfortable feeling that the only time any reports will be taken seriously by the police is when one of us is seriously injured or killed.

        I enjoy cycling but due to this topic, the state of the roads and general attitude of drivers and pedestrians to cyclists, we are essentially on our own.

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