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      Incident this morning 18 November on Eigth Avene at junction with Becquerel Avenue.
      I was cycling along Eighth Avenue towards Fermi Avenue. Saw car approaching fast from left along Beccquerel Avenue.
      Made eye-contact with driver, as I was concerned he was not going to stop at the give way line. He stopped, but then pulled along side me on Eighth Avenue, wound down window and started abusing me. I stopped, because car was close to me. I said that I objected to his driving which was putting my life at risk. At this point I was really worried what would happen if I tried to move off.
      Driver claimed to be a “champion cyclist” and was not putting my life at risk.
      He told me to “F*ck Off”.
      I obliged by continuing my way along Eighth Avenue.
      Car turned right at roundabout down Library Avenue.

      Car: Black Nissan Juke. Didn’t get the registration.
      Driver: Male, reddish hair, beard, aged 35-40.

      I think there was another car behind which witnessed the incident.

      I don’t know what I did to provoke this person, I had right of way.

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      Not good, Fb.

      The good news though is that his turning right down Library Avenue cuts down significantly the number of organisations he was heading to. If he’s a campus-based employee then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find him.

      As someone who both drives and cycles to work, I think this kind of behaviour is unacceptable, as anger on the roads threatens ALL road users, two wheels or four.

      Please keep us informed how you get on, and good luck.

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      If he’s based on site, he’s not in the Genesis building

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