Hit & Run on Campus

On Thursday 18th July there was a hit and run incident on the campus involving a  cyclist. A 17 year old female cyclist was cycling along Fermi Avenue at around 17:35 in-between the Little Stars Nursery and the beginning of the cycle path, which she was aiming to get on. A black Ford Fiesta overtook her, clipped her front wheel and knocked her off. The car did not stop.

Fortunately, the cyclists was not seriously injured, a wrenched shoulder, but is shook up. The incident has been reported to the Police.

If you saw this incident or know somebody who witnessed the incident please let HarBUG know at chair@harbug.org.uk

It may be a one off but if you have had problems with a Black Fiesta driving aggressively towards cyclists on Campus or to and from work please also let us know – even better with a number plate.

We need to stick together to make sure this kind of driving is stopped.

Report of Aggressive Cyclist

HarBUG has also received a report about an aggressive cyclist in Steventon. A driver was overtaking the cyclists at around 08:25, giving plenty of space (according to the driver), before even starting to overtake the cyclist was shaking his fist and sounding a loud air horn.

We only have the drivers point of view so we cannot make a call if either or both were ‘out of order’ and we don’t know whether the cyclists was on his way to the Campus or a HarBUG member.

We all have encountered bad drivers with close passes and sometimes it justified to let the motorist know you are not happy but we should make sure we only do this when it is necessary.

Let’s keep cycling as the happy mode of transport.