Reporting Problems

Listed below are some useful contact details if you come across any problems on your journey to work.

In all cases please copy HarBUG in with any problems you have reported: HarBUG Route Reporting


Street Maintenance (public roads)

Street maintenance is carried out by the County Council. This includes potholes, overgrown verges, lighting and other issues but not street cleaning. This also includes problems with cycle lanes and pavements but again not cleaning. Follow the link to get to the Oxfordshire street maintenance webpage where you can report problems on-line:

Oxfordshire Street Maintenance

Street Cleaning (public roads)

Street cleaning is carried out by the district councils. This includes cycle lanes and pavements. There are exceptions like mud on roads and spillages which are dealt with the County Council. The online form for each district council will inform you that whether it is a district or county problem:

South Oxfordshire District Street Cleaning

Vale of White Horse District Street Cleaning

Route 544 Problems

The Sustrans route 544 (Didcot to Wantage via Harwell Oxford Campus) has different organisations looking after different sections. Check out the HarBUG Route 544 reporting page to find out which organisation is responsible for the problem. Please contact HarBUG Route Reporting for more information or to report a problem with a route we will then pass it on to the relevent organisation responsible.

Campus Roads

Campus roads, cycle lanes and pavements are the responsibility of Goodman. For any problems contact the Park Manager/ Development Surveyor Duncan Rogers

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Roads

For problems with roads, cycle lanes and pavements at RAL and Diamond please contact security.

RSRL Site Roads

For problems with roads, cycle lanes and pavements on the RSRL site please contact security. Note: the Civil Nuclear Police do not cover problems on the site roads.

Aggressive Behaviour From Other Road Users

If you have suffered abuse or aggressive behaviour from other road users, please contact HarBUG directly (HarBUG Route Reporting). It may be that the same person has subjected others to the same type of behaviour. If we can get collate the incidents we can present the evidence to the police and get them to take action. On Campus and site roads we can persue any problems with the appropiate organisation. In all cases, if you feel that the abuse / behaviour is sufficiently serious or you feel unsafe please contact Thames Valley Police as well as HarBUG. The Civil Nuclear Police do not cover these types of problems directly.

Please try to get the number plate of the vehicle and a description of the vehicle (or photo / video from a phone).

Aggressive Dogs

If you have a problem with an aggressive dog (and/or owner) on a cycle path please contact HarBUG directly (HarBUG Route Reporting). Again it may be that more than one person may have had the same problem. Please try to get a description of the dog and owner (photo / video from phone?). If you have been bitten or threatened then contact Thames Valley Police as well as HarBUG.