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      I am a bit of a fair weather cyclist I admit, but as I was driving out of the Harwell site last Friday evening, there had clearly been an accident near the campus entrance; many emergency services staff and vehicles were there.

      Does anyone know if this incident involved a cyclist and, if so, what appears to have happened?

      The reason for my question is that I have a Union meeting later on today, and if there is any pressure we can bring to effect change, then more information at this stage would be useful.

      Cheers all – Hugh.

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      Hello Hugh,

      I didn’t notice anything because I cycle a different way out of site.
      There are clear concerns I have raised with my employer recently, who asked for it to be raised via Harbug:

      1. Shared cycle-pedestrian bike lanes inadequate near bus stops. Pedestrian lane expects people to walk sinlge file. People walk in the cycle lane, and have to cross it anyway to get to RAL entrances.

      2. 20 mph speed limit not being respected. I notice this more in the evening than in the mornings.

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      I know the guy. Bearing in mind that he was KO’ed, he doesn’t remember what happened – but he believes he just lost the front wheel on the roundabout when leaving site.

      He’s pretty banged up, his head taking the brunt of it unfortunatley.

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      PeterCowan: Sad to hear that. It did look serious on the way off site on Friday.

      Flatbadger: Re 1: Part of the problem is that they are not “shared” between pedestrians and cyclists so each group gets annoyed when the other strays across the line. As a cyclist and pedestrian my experience of truly shared paths with no division is that they work better as both groups expect to share.

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