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      I was not too sure where to find this information or if anyone has had the time to think about it.

      I am wondering about the use of facilities like showers and changing areas with regard to coviod safety and spreading of the virus. I may just change behind a machine in the workshop and bring plenty of deodorant and besides, I cycle too slowly to build up much of a sweat anyway but maybe three have been other people curious about using facilities and the virus?

      I have not cycled to work in a long while but I have now fixed up my various bikes while on lock down and ready to cycle commute again, at least one or two days a week and especially if my car breaks down. We are discouraged to use the bus and besides, there are precious few busses from Grove anyway! It is a lovely ride through the villages away from the A417 and I have missed cycling to work along there. I am also curious to see what has been going on with the alternative cycle route through Ardington.


      Michael Harris.

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      In answer to your final sentence – It’s in the state it’s been in for a few weeks now. Just the vegetation cleared for now.

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      I note that the Oxford mail claims work will start today:


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